The Mox Masters $10K Invitational



  • Day 1, Swiss rounds based upon attendance, best of 1. 
  • Day 2, cut to top 16, semis best of 1.
  • Finals, first to 2.

DATE: October 21st – 22nd, 2023

TIME: 09:30 AM EST

ENTRY: 30 points


  • Winner: $2500
  • 2-4: $1000
  • 5-16: $375

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  There is no fee to enter.  You must have at least 30 points from Mox Masters events and Playing With Power Patreon webcam leagues. 

Points are tracked via your Eminence profile.  You need to use the Eminence account that's associated with your points to register for the event. 

Swiss rounds on Day 1 will be standard CEDH pods with a best of 1 format. 


On day 2, Top 16 is best of 1. 


The finals will be a "first to 2", meaning you must win 2 games in your pod to win the match.